Premium Plastic Classic Silver Serving Utensils, 6pcs

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  • Classic Silver Serving Utensils
  • Classic Silver Serving Utensils
  • Premium Plastic Classic Silver Serving Utensils, 6pcs
  • Classic Silver Serving Utensils
  • Classic Silver Serving Utensils
  • Classic Silver Serving Utensils
  • Classic Silver Serving Utensils
  • Premium Plastic Classic Silver Serving Utensils, 6pcs
  • Classic Silver Serving Utensils
  • Classic Silver Serving Utensils

The Mozaik Premium Plastic Stainless Steel Serving Utensil Set comes with three spoons and three forks for serving tossed salad, steamed veggies, or delicious sides. Each premium plastic server has a patented stainless steel coating with a shiny silverware-like finish that looks stylish and elegant even while scooping the heaviest mashed potatoes or pasta dishes without bending. When the event is over, recycle or hand wash the servers for future use.

  • Set includes three (3) serving spoons and three (3) serving forks
  • Simple and classic premium plastic servers have a patented stainless steel coating with a silverware-like finish
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor entertaining
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 180°
  • Kosher-Parve certified; BPA-free
  • Reusable and/or recyclable. Do not use in microwave/dishwasher; Hand wash for re-use
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    Perfect for potlucks, parties, and picnics

    Posted by Anonymous on Mar 9th 2018

    I used to dread taking my nice serving spoons to parties and potlucks because they'd get moved or lost or taken home by someone else. I have been looking for something like this for quite some time. These plastic "stainless steel" utensils are shiny, like metal, so they don't look cheap. They're lightweight, yet sturdy enough to safely dish up salads and casseroles. They're also reusable if you wash them by hand. (Don't put them in the dishwasher.) Best of all -- if they get lost, they're easily -- and inexpensive to replace.<br /><br />You get three serving spoons and three serving forks (sporks, really) in each package.

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    Look classy on white table, can be reused

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 21st 2018

    These are great as small serving spoons. They look very nice, not so much like cheap plastic. Generous sized package. Easy to wash and re use more than once.

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    Look very nice and are good quality

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 6th 2018

    These Serving utensils not only look great, but they work just as well. Everyone thought they were real stainless steel serving utensils until they lifted them. Enjoy your party with elegant looking disposable (or wash and use again) utensils. Toss or wash, it's up to you!

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    arrived tarnished

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 3rd 2018

    The utensils are the good shape and size, but they were tarnished out of the package. Looks like the metallic coating peeled off. All six pieces had those spots. I would not buy them online where I cannot check if they are in good shape or not. I don't want to end up with pieces of peeld off plastic in my salad.

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    These look like metal, but they're made of plastic

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 2nd 2018

    These look like metal, but they're made of plastic. Some people might treat them as disposable, but they are sturdy and survive the dishwasher well. I reuse them, especially at potlucks, where I won't have to worry if I lose a set. If I look closely enough, there are some blemishes, but I don't think most people would notice. They don't bother me.

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    These are great

    Posted by Anonymous on Dec 31st 2017

    Very impressive utensils. They indeed make dinners, parties and anytime where you need to use serving utensils much more elegant. They are plastic but do really look like stainless steel. The plastic is sturdy so they do not bend easily and the coating on them very impressively stays intact and does not scrape off with use or cleaning. So rather than using expensive utensils all the time you can grab these and they serve the purpose just great and you don't need to worry about anything happening to them. Really do add a touch of class to serving meals.

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    Great quality and value; handy item

    Posted by Anonymous on Dec 24th 2017

    Lightweight plastic serving pieces you won't mind using, and if it comes down to it, you won't mind losing them either. We enjoy potlucks, making food for various office and group parties, school events, etc. These are perfect to have on hand for that kind of thing. They look nice, and are inexpensive enough that you won't feel bad if you have to leave it behind. These are great for serving cold items like salads and desserts. They even work well for some hot casserole type dishes. The only caution is that they won't serve anything too heavy. These are not the untensils for your super thick heavy duty lasagna...but they work great for pretty much everything else.

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    A serving utensil set with a hybrid design for practicality and durability

    Posted by Anonymous on Dec 21st 2017

    This is a novel set of serving utensils made with a plastic interior and steel coating. That makes them lightweight yet fairly durable and reusable. If you have a tendency to lose your serving tools it would be nice to have ones that are inexpensive yet are strong and solid just like regular utensils. These are a clever hybrid material design that includes the benefits of disposable utensils in something that looks and functions like the regular utensils. The stainless steel surface is ideal for those who don't want their food reacting with plastic. This set includes both the round serving spoon as well as the forked serving tool.

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    Spork vs. Spaghetti

    Posted by Anonymous on Dec 20th 2017

    We entertain a lot, and while my friends aren’t judgemental, I still like to look classy. These serving utensils are perfect for that purpose! They look very nice, and if you don’t look closely, almost like real metal.<br />They’re also very sturdy. I was surprised at how little these bend. They can take on spaghetti and not break a sweat. They’re just that good.<br />I wash them with the non-abrasive side of the sponge though, and so far have had no issue with paint flaking off. Lets hope it stays that way, as these are currently unavailable and I might cry if I can’t get more.