Premium Plastic 7.5" White Ring Accent Plate, 8pcs

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  • 7.5" White Ring Accent Plate
  • 7.5" White Ring Accent Plate
  • 7.5" White Ring Accent Plate
  • Premium Plastic 7.5" White Ring Accent Plate, 8pcs
  • 7.5" White Ring Accent Plate
  • 7.5" White Ring Accent Plate
  • 7.5" White Ring Accent Plate
  • Premium Plastic 7.5" White Ring Accent Plate, 8pcs

Mozaik Premium Plastic 7.5” White Ring Accent Plates are the perfect size for sharing appetizers or tapas, a side of salad, or sandwiches. The simple concentric design allows your food to be the star, and the premium plastic will allow your guests to stand and mingle comfortably without worrying about their plates leaking or folding. Use them for luncheons, dessert tables, or cocktail parties where you’re serving hors d’ouevres. When the party’s over, you can recycle them or hand wash and store for future use.

  • Includes eight (8) 7.5” white accent plates
  • Strong enough for steak, delicate enough for cake. Perfect for every occasion!
  • Simple, sophisticated white plates in a simple, sophisticated design featuring several rows of concentric rings on the outer rim
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor entertaining
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 180°F
  • Kosher-Parve certified; BPA-free
  • Reusable and/or recyclable. Do not use in microwave/dishwasher; Hand wash for re-use
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    Party Perfect

    Posted by Anonymous on Oct 29th 2018

    I try to stay away from disposable plates but for a party they're so much easier. These plastic plates are a great compromise because you can reuse them (they must be handwashed) or you can toss them. I got them for my annual New Years Day Brunch and they were perfect. They look pretty. They're lightweight. They're better than paper plates because they're stronger and manage "wet" food better, and also they're reusable. They're better than china because they're unbreakable, they're lighter, and if someone tosses them it's no problem. So basically? They're perfect for entertaining.

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    Great option to paper dishware when you want to nice, strudy, but not breakable look.

    Posted by Anonymous on Jul 20th 2018

    These are so handy to have in the house for outdoor parties. When you want a nice look, but not to risk breakable dishes, these are a great option. They are reasonable enough to be disposable, but they clean up nicely and are easy to reuse. I much prefer this option to paper plates.

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    Looks good but the price is tough

    Posted by Anonymous on Jun 20th 2018

    These are nice plates, but at close to a $1 a plate for appetizer plates. The quality is kinda there, but the size isn't the most demanding. The design is nice aesthetically, and the largely flat shape is rather practical (allowing almost the whole plate to be filled with food).<br /><br />In the end these are disposable plates that can't really be reused or put in the microwave, which makes the price tough to stomach.

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    Very sturdy!

    Posted by Anonymous on Jun 19th 2018

    These plates are really strong! If you are having a picnic on a windy day, you couldn't pick better disposable plates. They are solid plastic, and can even be rewashed and reused if you wanted to. I don't know if they are dishwasher safe, as I don't own a dishwasher. The plates are higher around the edges, so your food won't spill over the edge, which can be quite frustrating. The reason I said they are perfect for windy day plates is because they're solid, and not going to bend in the wind like thin paper plates. It can be hard to keep a burger and chips on your plate when your thin paper plate bends in the wind.

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    A bit hard to clean

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 29th 2018

    I had a bunch of friends over for Chinese food and we used these plates. They are a decent size, heft, and texture for eating. My problem came when I went to wash them, and spent at least twice as long washing them as I would have a normal ceramic/glass plate. I’m guessing that if you just avoid using them for things with red/orange oils you’ll be fine… but they just get colored. And because they are white it’s very obvious.<br /><br />I expect I will appreciate these more for outdoor use once it’s warm enough to use my fire pit again, but I will be careful not to use them with oily foods. I mean… is ketchup going to be ok? We’ll see.<br /><br />Of course I don’t have to wash them… but when they cost more than cheap ceramic plates, I’m not going to be quick to throw them in the garbage!

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    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 21st 2018

    These are a set of cheap plates, very thin and could break if you have more than one plate portion of food. This is acceptable for picnics or wine parties where you serve light food. These are not to be used in microwave ovens but may be reused by hand-washing the plates.

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    Sturdy and nice-looking presentation

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 20th 2018

    These plates are pretty sturdy, and they are a nice look, minus a fairly visible seam across the width of the grooves. It isn't a huge problem for me because for something this nice-looking, affordable, disposable, it is going to have a seam.<br /><br />I think a nice big slice of pie, or a generous 3-layer chocolate mousse cake with fudge icing looks good atop these.<br /><br />I reviewed recently some other plastic plates which were also nice. These are tons sturdier, and I could definitely see reusing this, even more than the others.<br /><br />These are kind of thick so there are only 8 I believe. Definitely party-ready!<br /><br />Enjoy

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    Yes, they look nice....

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 19th 2018

    We do a lot of entertaining on our patio outside so I like the idea of unbreakble plastic dinner plates that look like fine dinnerware. And it is true, these are nice looking plates.<br /><br />However, it’s pretty obvious when you hold them (and see them in person) that they’re plastic and no one is going to mistake them for anything else. Even so, I would’ve give these more stars but for the fact that you cannot use them in the dishwasher, and more importantly to me, you cannot use them in the microwave either.<br /><br />So for me, I really don’t myself getting a lot of use out of them. There are other plastic microwaveable plates that feel more sturdy and look just as nice as these if not better, and are dishwasher safe to boot.

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    Nice but pricey

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 17th 2018

    These are among the nicest plastic plates I've ever used, I'm talking hold-a-huge-serving-of-pasta-with-no-problem nice. But are they worth nearly $2 a plate? For me, no plastic disposable plate is.