3 Ways To Make Your March Madness Party A Slam Dunk
Mar 7th 2019

3 Ways To Make Your March Madness Party A Slam Dunk

March madness is officially upon us. While some may be busy finalizing their brackets, we’re finalizing ways to make your watch party as fun and stress free as possible. So, continue reading for sure-fire ways to make your march madness party a success or should we say- slam dunk!

1. Pull out your MVP recipes

Some may think that playing with your food is a personal foul… not us! With our versatile 12-piece tapas set, we dare you to let your imagination run wild and snack creatively. Use all 12 perfectly portioned compartments for dips, chips and other finger foods; the possibility are endless!

2. Encourage Team Spirit

It’s safe to assume you have your favorite player’s jersey, but they’ll need a little bit more spirit from you during the big game. Make sure to stop by your local party store for festive props in your team’s colors: sunglasses, beads, foam fingers, face paint… don’t forget to take photos!

3. Provide Timeouts

In between games or at halftime, give party goers something else to do. Maybe it’s team trivia, playing basketball outside or simply some kind of craft. It’s nice to take a break from all the action on the TV! Another fun idea: when discussing brackets, bet on something other than money like babysitting services, a gift card for a day of pampering or to a nice restaurant.

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