If there’s one night that football fans, music lovers and foodies all can enjoy… it’s the Super Bowl! The Super Bowl is one of the biggest party days of the year and Mozaik wants to make sure your party is a total victory with your guests!

First things First: The Food

A party isn’t a party without a full variety of snacks and finger foods. Serve up game day classics like chicken wings, sliders and chips and various dips. If you’re looking for new recipes to integrate into your lineup, consider using our appetizer tasting cups to create Jello cups in your teams colors! Other bite sized appetizer ideas include: bacon wrapped shrimp or scallops, fried pickles and homemade potato skins. Yum!

(And don’t forget what you serve everything on is just as important as what you serve! Our premium plastic plates can withstand any fumble! Shop plates, silverware and drinkware over on our Amazon page by clicking here)

Set the Scene

While some party goers will be glued to the TV, others will be walking around and catching up. Create different areas in your home where any guest can still feel the game day spirit. Streamers, balloons or banners will help root for your team. Creating a playlist? Don’t forget to add songs from this year’s performers: Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Plan Activities for Kids

Party goers of all ages love activities so consider creating a Super Bowl bingo game, football inspired bean bag toss, or grab some shirts at a local craft store and have kids create their own jerseys with the help of their parents. Through a quick search online, you’re bound to find printables related to the big game that kids can color.