National Picnic Month

Did you know July is national picnic month? 

There’s something fun about spontaneously deciding to have a meal outside by the lake, at a local park or off a hiking trail.
What’s not so fun?

Figuring out how to lug your plates, utensils… and of course, food! These small things can add up and that’s why Mozaik created an all-in-one bowl.

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Learn more about this unique product’s features below:

Ideal for packing fruit salad, mixed greens, pasta or potatoes our all-in-one bowl is perfect for hot or cold foods!

Serving utensils lock right into the lid, so you’ll never be left without a vessel to move from preparation to plate.

As well as a pack of 8 square plates so that you can serve your dish with  family and friends. Just like your utensils, these conveniently snap right into the lid for easy portability and secure storage.

After your picnic, either recycle the entire set or take it home to wash and store for the next outdoor adventure.

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