reducing pre party stress

Reducing pre-party stress

Anyone that has planned a dinner party knows the stress it can cause. Your friends and family mean a lot to you and you want to make sure they walk away impressed – we get it. However many of us simply don’t have the free time to plan a party weeks in advance. If you are one of those people, we have a few tips to help you host your party and eliminate some of the pre-party stress:

Prepare food in advance

While some dishes need to come straight out of the oven, consider crowd favorites that can be prepared before your event. Dishes that can be made before and then reheated cut down time in the kitchen when your friends or family arrive.

Use Disposables

Spend more time with your guests and less time cleaning dishes with disposable plates, cutlery and cups. With the help of Mozaik, gone is the stigma of disposables! Our products are made to look like the real thing, ensuring your guests will leave impressed.

Just have fun!

Remember that the point of hosting your get together is to have fun and make memories. When you let go and redirect your energy on fun with your guests, your time with them is a lot more memorable! Just go with the flow and don’t fret over all the small details.

tips for kitchen entertaining

Top 3 tips for entertaining in your kitchen

Your kitchen island can do so much more than help prepare meals – it is increasingly becoming a party “hot spot” for guests to mingle. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help make your next get together a night to remember!

Go stemless

Stemless wine glasses are trendy and less prone to breakage since they don’t have a fragile stem. Mozaik stemless glasses are so closely related to their glassware cousins you almost can’t tell the difference! Best of all, you won’t have to worry about broken glasses or a time consuming clean up. Simply wash and re use or throw away.

Serve finger foods

Foods that are readily available and easy to transport are key in the kitchen. In doing this, guests get to try a little bit of everything! Tiny Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches are a fun and tasty treat! Mozaik Appetizer sets will help get your creative juices flowing!

Utilize Serving Platters

Platters don’t only need to hold food! Place Cocktails onto a platter and let your guests “grab and go”. Mix up a batch ahead of time so you aren’t constantly mixing drinks all night!

tableware for hosting a party

Hosting a night in with friends

Send out invites- or don’t. Parties with friends don’t need to be formal or over the top. With a little preparation before hand and our party tips, you’ll be itching to have a get-together ASAP.

Create a theme!

Themed parties are always a hit. Your theme could be as simple as a B.Y.O.B. wine and cheese night to something elaborate with a specific dress code. You could even create a theme around food, having each guest create a dish that correlates with your theme! The overall idea is to just have fun and do something that friends can look forward to.

Skip sit down dinner

Sometimes relaxing with friends around the living room can be much more fun! Instead o setting the kitchen table, use your coffee table to throw a fondue night! Mozaik platters and serving sets are the perfect companion for your tasty treats.

Keep it casual

It’s ok to not have an idea of what to do every minute of your party. Hosting a small get together is no different than just hanging out with friends as you normally do. Having a fun night in with friends is a great way to catch up and make new memories. Let conversations flow organically and don’t sweat the small stuff!